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Showdown at Coach Whip Canyon

It was Thanksgiving weeekend 2002 with a dismal weather outlook, cold and rainy. A small band of brave (or stupid) of urban cowboys and cowgirls made way to Coachwhipp Canyon despite heckling and ridicule from cityfolk. Coachwhip Canyon is located outside the town of Borrego Springs in the Anza-Borrego state park. You drive out through Ramona and Julian and it got a little chilly through the mountians. The kinfolk of this roundup included Jacquie , Kevin, Nicole, Pete, Kim, myself and the leader of our gang was Mike Kennedy. The weather was actually perfect camping weather. Mostly sunny and warm during the day and bundle up chilly at night witha a couple pleasent light showers. To hell with the naysayers. We came back via the S-3 up through to Julian. The reside of last summers fires were evident with completely charred acres of mountain side. We stopped in Julian for lunch. Whoa look we're tourists!

All in all one of my favorite trips. Borrego is always a treat. Don't bother going there. You'd hate it.

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The Coach Whip gang on top of the world.

Nicole in the desert. Where's the beef? Huh?

Swank with a goddamn ocotillo up his ass.

This buds for you, no for Mr. Mike Kennedy.

That's Kym way the hell over there. We banished her to that ridge.

Whoa back it up. Rolling into Borrego. Yahoo. P: Nicole

Driving up the wash into Coach Whip Canyon. There's Mike lower middle. P: Nicole

Yo girl friend! Yo girl friend? Nicole and Jacquie.

Da camp! Da camp!

Pete and Kym drooling all over dead animal and fresh veggies!

A dog and her man. Another pic of Pete and Gomez.

This psycho dude was camped around the corner from us.

Tried to get a pic of me with this cool truck but of course Pete and Gomez have to come in and ruin it.

A sunny drive to Fonts Point.

Southwest view from Fonts Point.

Cool and the gang at Fonts point.

Yo Kevin you a long way from NYC. Raise the roof!

"Yea Pete see that ridge over there. I took a dump there once." -M.K.

Nicole always looking to get a shot of some dude. Huh what view.

Back at camp, the girls hike up to catch the sunset.

The crew cracks a brew for the sun god.

Aww ain't that romantic. Kym, Pete and Gomez.

Shooting the shit round the ole campfire.

Off for a night time stroll. It was dark, no moon at all.

Ah the screaming contest ensues. Nicole lets it go.

Mike belts it out. The funny part was that it was pitch black except for the flash.

Shit Tod looks like some kind of monster from the outer space.

K.Lo screams like a girl. Just kidding he screamed like a man.

Pete was unamused.

So Tod helps him out.

Then we all joined to harmonize.

Back at camp we get into some wholesome fun. Charades with Kevin, "Mini me!"

In truth or dare Mike takes the dare with spin 25 times and run....

or try to run. Mike gets taken out. Hilarity.

Kevin takes the dare. Hulahoop while shotgunning a brewski.

Off to an exciting excursion to the top of Calsite Mine road.

Pete, Kym and and K.Lo in the back there make their way up some pretty cool terrain.

Kevin says, "Weeeeeeeee!"

Mike scouts the road and directs Pete.

"Yo dude, check me out. I am so extreme", Pete. "No way, I am", Kym.

Kevin and Jacquie keeping warm.

Pete and Kym party hard.

All packed up ready to move out.

The girls getting down to the get go.

The burned mountain scape on route home. Results from last summers fires.

Someones home destroyed by the blaze. That pretty much wraps it. Have fun but be careful. I must be getting old.

The Captain

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