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Lake Powell 2002

It was a week at Lake Powell with Greg, Tara, Pete, Nicole and myself. It takes about 8-9 hours to get there and is located near the Grand Canyon. We rented a small house boat which slept us all easily. You have to make reservations like a year in advance. We had Greg and Tara's boat and the waverunners and rented a crappy kayak as well. You load up in the morning along with many other campers heading out. Essentially, you head up river and plan out some potential camp spots moving every day or every couple days or whatever you damn well feel like. It's good to go up river immediatly and then work your way back. Don't miss "Rainbow Bridge" an amazing natural water formed arch. If you plan your meals out well you should come back with minimal excess food.

We spent our time doing hikes, barging the deathstar, exploring waterways, finding and securing our different camps and a ton of reading. Of course, the was lots of reebs and margaritas and even a sample or two of tuckle. There were amazing star filled nights and satellite chasing. And don't forget the Amazing Swank Scramble!

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This is it. It's like you are on another planet. Take us to your leader, we come in peace. P: Petey X

These are the views as you head up river. God's country. P: P-X

When we were here three years ago the water level was up near the top of the white. We drove our boats into that huge cave/arch. P: P-X

That shit is sweet! P: P-X

Here's Captain Winter and the European Tourists. Hey Greg weren't you wearing that out fit at Havasu.

Pete and Gomez scout out camp spots. Gomez was always sneaking off on the waverunners without a life jacket at that.

Swank surveying the situation. Note those standard Lake Powell mud socks.

Tara and Pete having a intellectual conversation. Tod is driving the boat, uh sleeping?!?

Tod "Ansel Adams" Swank. That's all that needs to be said. Yo!

Gomer! Where's the stick!?!

"Da, very great here!" "Yah, Yah!"

There she goes again. Put a life jacket on dawg.

Tara, Nicole and a branch. Nice sunset eh?

There she blows!

Up in the early with a big workout on the Kayak. Tod burns some calories.

No major storms came in but we did get some light rain.

This was a island that I claimed for my new country. We are putting a resort hotel and casino.

Jump number one. Notice how Greg purposely blocks me from the shot.

Jump #2. We are not jumping in the water. We are jumping down to those. Yea. P: Nicole

Damn that shit blew my pockets inside out. P: Nicole

Check out this camp spot. See our boats way down there. Now that's camping!

Pete and Greg start hiking. They made it to the top. I swear.

Da boys get all monked out in the mountains.

Can you see the girls laying out topless down there?

Check out these creatures we found in a little pond.

What the hell are these things? Alien creatures?!?

Pete "Louis Amor" Reichert!

Dinner on the prado!

Here I am tring to relive my childhood. Wait I never flew kits then either. What am I doing? Get me a beer.

Off to Rainbow Bridge. You can see part of it in the background there.

Getting closer...

Nicole and Tara rock out under the rock.

Da crew!

Nicole struts her stuff. Yo! Raise the rock.

Nicole and myself self potrait stylee.

Petey X no witty, deaming comment here.

Greg and Tara, word up.

Petey X bridgemaster tate.

Yo Tod, dude you are filling out. Get on that kayak.

Petey X and the incredible 50 foot Nicole. "Hey Pete quick looking at my boobs!"

Cathedral Canyon, cruising on in.


Check out that dawg fish. Um we eating good tonight!

I'm going to kick your ass! Actually I am farting.

This is where all the monsters live at Lake Powell.

Gariss was killing the jager!

Monsters view looking out, arrrgggghhhhh!

Unsuspecting victums about to get eaten by the monster.

There's the monster!

Raise the roof!

Olan Mills studio photo. That's just a pull down backdrop.

Fat Sabbath was rocking the free world.

The dawgs poop a lot.

Having breakfast while cruising down river. Are you jealous? You should be.

Gomez enjoys the postcard views.

Chuey and Vader at olan mills.

Pete and Gomez rock out on the rock.

360 degree view of lake Powell. And that's a wrap.

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