Captain Kickback

River Run 2002 or Dawg Daze Disco

Of course, I will only need to post these photos once. After next years trip just look at this years trip and you will not be able to tell the difference! Sorry for the delay processing this shit, it ain't chump change. Though I learned how to batch process the images which saves hella time.

I had this O.G. family lady say"I can tell everyone is getting older from the Livewire crew because of the cars. You guys used to all come in on old old 4WD trucks and now you are showing up in SUV's, station wagons and (god forbid) mini vans!" That was funny.

Lots of photos. Take your time. The Captain

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

Cool and the gang?!? Yea Joe and Sam we counted off. "One! OK everyone in the water!"

Welcome is Tri Towers District... Now get out!

This the Marc "Rambo" Gariss camp...BEFORE.

Home on the range. Dan and Ciria's humble abode.

Dan and Ciria kicking out the jams.

Old face plant Mc Gurdy and the beautiful Riverfront resort.

And it's Miiissssttttteeeerrrr Aaaaarrrroooonnn Mmmmaaaannnnccciiiinnnniii

Petey X duck tapes socks on Gomez. What next a bustier?

Hell it's the "American Way"! Lisa and Fredrick really know how to camp!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum do the Tweedle dance.

Dudes! We are raging now. Party hard, party hard! Greg and Dave.

Barker and Mancini have a hot dawg party.

Da girls, da girls! Tara and Allison.

Yo hey tough guy you want piece of me. I'll knock yer block off. Gariss.

" I caught a fish dis big" Paul

It's the Swami in the beautiful afternoon Swami light.

Ami, Liz and Sue. Babes in funland.

Robin, Nicole and Jacquie do the wine cooler twinkle dance.

Dave "Mr. Grill" Lively adds his secret recipe, a little tabaca ashi.

"Get ready to rumble!" Big Phil vs Gariss Mc Doodle

Ok wait a minute here....

Mr. Grill in full action.

Who's having a good time, Greg and Tara!

Second day begins with with a river side resort lounge.


Aiiieeee! Pete I cut your arm off!

Down to the water spring for some fun in the sun.

Sue bonnet on it.

"You can't tell right now but I am taking a leak," Nicole.

I asked Pete to hold my camera and I ended up with a whole crapload of pictures just like this.

G& T whoop it up.

"Man I swear that thing skipped like 40 times," August.

Tara and Gerine checking out the studs skipping rocks.

Pete again and Jill, kind of.

Shannon and Catherine discuss the recent implications to the economic climate in East African polywog farming.

Uh oh, Do I sense a little pre float?!?! Big Phil and Shamu.

"Help! I'm drowning, I'm drowning!" "Hey yo Phil stand up." - Pete

Menage' au tre (or whatever) Shamu, Lively and Gariss.

Max and Shannon display the tie the tube to the shore and relax technique.

Ok on to the official float day. Great weather, friends and fun.

Let's get ready to bumble! It's the official float!

Brent and Jane learn the wonders of duck tape.

Philambo! "I am going to ride this river."

Hey girls, you too Marc and Kevin!

Ciria, Dan and Ray ready to rock and roll!

Hey Moser! Hey Moser! Heeeyyy Mooossseeerr!

I've got the sunscreen, the beer, some lunch, the first aid kid for my head...

This is it! Nicole commands her way to sloshiness. Yahoo!

Kevin and Jackie, just before they got ...MARRIED! Congradulations!

"You toucha my beer and I breaka your face." Mancini

Uh oh. Looks like Tod's tube popped again....

Cowgal Jacquie torques that grit while Gariss tries to bash her in the back of the head.

Nicole, "Don't touch the water. Don't touch the water."

Yes I like you too Dave. Now let go of my hand!

Floating, floating, floating...rawhide!

Hey look at that monkey in that tree! Oh it's just Pete.

Matt "Yes I am fashionably color coordinated" Barker

Aaron W.K. party hard, party hard!

River virgin, Ingrid and the Codamaster getting loose with the mexican juice.

Hey Nicole is that a Oar between your legs?!? Check out those awesome trees.

Petey "Buttcheeks" X. Nicole took this picture I swear.

I've got the oar! I've got the oar!

It's the sky! It's the water! It's the sky? It's the water? Uh oh...

Pit stop at the smash your face rope swing tree.

Thaddeus in his admirable Disneyland attire.

Mancini with a classic swank dive to forward flip going in FEET first.

Carrie (Is that correct?) Showed the rope swing no mercy.

On a serious note Shannon was very lucky to come away with only scrapes from his tree jump.

The fire Dept just happen to cruise by when this happened. Shannon was ok but had to skip the rest of the trip.

There's something about a uniform and a big truck that drives drunk chicks wild.

Justin and Nigel. Nigel thinks of his Dad's friends much differently now!

This was my view all day long. Captain Kickback in full form.

Negotiating exit stage left.

Bridge dwellers lurk.

Spectacular swan back flip by diving extrodinaire Livelystopadopolis.

Triple back flipoff da bridge. Sorry for the crappy image.

Mother, daughter bridge jump. "Come on Mom hurry up!", Nicole

These guys are loooaaadddeeedd! Wait for a deathride back to camp.

Hey Fredrick get off my table!

Max is out for the count.

Awe ain't that romantic.

Dude after party at my truck.

Dave can't get enough. Front off Phil's back. Yo!

Whew doggy! That's it for my photo essay. Shit that was a shitload of photos.

"Where the fuck have you been?!?", Gonzo

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