Captain Kickback

Jaquie Bridal Shower

Big Party

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The girl and her gifts!

Gina and her sister, Andrea.

Bride and bridesmaid.

Underwear hat! Wrong end Jacquie!

Missy and the girls!

Whoa, now that's a party.

Oh my god!

Jacquie gets some pasties for the honeymoon.

Lisa four beers at a time?

Check out my cape. I am evil.

The eyes have it! Lori and Liz.

Girls and cigarettes...

Ingrid, Jen and Lisa.

Eat the sushi.

Lucy wins the pin contest. She gets to keep all those pins. Wahoo.

I got some new shoes. Me too!

Jessica and Maria hoot it up.

Kym and Carrie whoop it also.

Here comes the saki. "No it's all mine," Jill.

Take it off! Take it off! "Um, I gotta go," Tod.

"I love the box hat you guys got for me!"

This is when it starts to get a little sappy.

Nicole had to retreat for a cry break.

And the tears are a flowing.

Jessica and Star are on the verge of tears.

Lisa, Nicole and Jacquie ham it up.

Adrienne and Missy having a grand ole time.

Focus, focus, focus. Don't worry Lucy has some prints.

Lori and Missy.

Da girlz!

Here comes the penis. Jacquie tests her skills.

Uh a little or maybe a lot to the right.

Adrienne takes a go at pinning the macho on the man.

Adrienne and Tina.

Check out that great painting

Nicole and Jacquie

Mari, Mari quite....

Nicole and Kym.

Party hard. This is when the Andrew WK came out.

There the cake and that's a wrap.

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