Captain Kickback

Las Vegas or Bust!

This was a suprise trip for Jackie who had never been to LV. Kevin took her out there and she had no idea we were all there. We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and spent most our gambling time at the Horseshoe. Poolside saturday miday was pretty funny with the "band" in all black and jeans rolled dice and had drinks in a sea bikini clad women and men. We did dinner at the Peppertree. A cool not so good food but killer atmosphere and bar. We went to a Las Vegas show called "Crazy Girls". I thought it was going to be a classy vegas topless review but it turned out to be weird strip kinda arty nudie show. We played blackjack for 5 hours the next morning and we were outta there.

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Missing one queen. Three queens Jackie, Nicole and Laura.

The crew ready to F.S.U. or just loose a bunch of money.

Throwin down in the limo going to pick up Robin at the airport.

Da other half. Party!

All business in back. Reeps makes someimportant calls. Sell, sell, sell!

Barker, Robin and her nails!

Kevin shows his true talents.

Kevin is working on his new Las Vegas show, 1001 Funny Faces!

At least Swank and Robin dressed for the occassion.

What is wrong with this picture? People thought we were a band.

Dinner at the Peppermill. Check Kevin.

I want one of these in my house.

Check out that fire place! Look the other way Robin!

After seeing Crazy Girls we all needed a drink.

Jackie is scared and Laura gets fresh with Beagle's leg.

Barker and Reeps fall asleep while the girls loose money at video poker.

Sunday morning cruising.

Beagle in classic form.

The girls, "shop, shop, shop!"

How romantic. Beagle and Laura.

Mr. Swank makes a rare appearance.

Band on the run and we were out of there. Viva Las Vegas!

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