Captain Kickback

Fat Man's Crack

Fat Man's Crack in in the South end of Borrego near Ocitillo. The actually spot is where two mountains come together and over thousands of years created the crevasse from water running through during rainy season.

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Pig in crack. The entrance to our camp. Keep out!

From within looking out. Hey were is everyone. I'm all alone. AHH! There's a snake!

Nicole and Tod, 70's rock gods in the desert. Praise the rocks.

Guard Pig Dawg. Um P.D. you have some dirt on your nose.

This is when I let Kevin drive my truck. I think it's the last also. There's Pete getting crazy behind Nicoles head.

Pete thinks that he is all sideways in his truck. Four wheel Pete?!? The sky looks great though.

Now this is four wheeling. It only took me like ten tries to get through here.

I think you are on halluciengenetics or whatever right now.

This is the part of the trip when Pete start freaking out. He is climbing up there to see if he can phone reception.

Here is Beagle checking out the crack as we hike up through to catch the sunset at the top.

Thad and Beagle! Can't you guys wait until you get back to your tent!

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