Captain Kickback

62 Dodge Dart

I bought this car almost 10 years ago. I got it from this school teacher dude here in S.D. He boaught the car from the original owner (literally a little old lady) and replaced the OG engine with a built 440 beast and a new exhaust (specs later). It had big slicks on the jacked back end and tiny tires in the front drag strip stylee. I put the existing tread on it. The car was originally burgandy exterior. It had a handful of problems yet still drivable. It stayed the same for years. It's been in a couple different shops over the years. I tried to replace the headers on my own once. Yea right! About 2 years ago my friends brother inlaw came and got it and we began interior and exterior improvements. New black paint, chrome and aluminum outside. Sweet! We kept the same interior colors but did the seats in leather. New audio action and upolstered trunk finish it out. Still fine tuning the engine. Louie at Car Connection here in SD has been making great improvements.

More detal and photos soon. Long live Mopar!

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Ready, steady, go really fast! April 2005.

Finest car... From the car handbook.

Stylized drawing from handbook.

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