Captain Kickback

Casa de Christopher

Chris starts off his new house with a bang. Many friends and family gather for fondue, booze and good times. This is a very small sampling of the atrocities that were had.

Great place Chris. Thanks for the fun.

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Chris and Michelle in the studio-ish household.

Uno mas.

Brothers Brob and Chris on the patio.

And with father Dave.

The living room was continually changing atmosphere as you will see in the next few images.

Brett and friend share a moment of clarity.

Who is making out in this image?

The games begin. Chris and Brett play patty-cake!?!

The host revels in his new abode with his counterparts.

The units take 5.

Everyone gets crazy in a game of Viking Master.

And the living room the next morning with Dave on the couch and lots of incriminating evidence.

The Brite Spot. Food great, atmosphere cool, sevice needs work.

The V70 GLT R in front of Chris' new home. Check out that sweet car.

On the way home to S.D. labor day 2004. Bummer going north. Over and out.

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