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Vegas Baby! The Reichert Excursion...

Vegas 8.6.04 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Though I was able to sneak out these photos and short report. The majority of the 20 plus or so crew stayed at Bally’s on the strip. A couple of us had to switch rooms. It never fails that the hotels put you in the shittiest rooms first and then if you complain they will maybe move you. We checked in Friday afternoon lingered at Bally’s casino while the crew rolled in. We headed over to a small bar/casino around the corner called Ellis Island. We then headed downtown to the Golden Nugget and Horseshoe. Kennedy and Sam lined up our Texas Holdem game for the following evening at the Golden Nugget. We went back to Bally’s and over to Barbary Coast which was a cool place. Blackjack was the game of choice.

Day two found August and I walking down the strip looking for a cool diner to have breakfast in order to avoid casino buffets. To no avail on finding a cool, classic diner. Carrows would have to do. We cruised back and met up with compadres at the Bally’s pool. The pool lay out and features were nothing special but the water was great. The key spot was a long bench the entire length of the shallow end. After some coaxing we had a sizeable group in the pool enjoying frozen drinks, conversation and bikinis. Some of the crew was inside gambling.

Saturday night was the big night. Dinner at Battista’s Hole in the Wall right across from Bally’s. Old family style Italian joint. Dirty, Thad and Fred rolled in just in time for dinner. We chowed down and made headway to Golden Nugget for the game. We had two private tables, 21 players and real dealers. It was a $60 buy in with prize money for the top three places. The game got off to quick start. Matt Reese got knocked out first by Dave Lively in a all in bet. Pete was knocked out early on also. It wheedled down quickly to one table. It got down Brian Steve, Mike and Dave then just down to Dave and Mike. Dave finally knocked Mike out for the win much to appeasement of our group. It was already 1:30 AM and we had not even hit the strip joint.

Well that’s it. Good times.

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Mr. Reichert and his Entourage viva Las Vegas!

Plush limo (and Coronas) straight off the plane. Only the best for Pete.

Mike and Matt living large getting ready to rumble.

Chris showing us that he can touch two fingers together holding a beer.

One beer and it goes right through em. Pete holding on in strip traffic.

At the Nugget, Yo!

Blurry group photo op at the Nugget.

Another limo ride with the King crew.

And I get death leg pinch from Gariss.

August on the strip.

Swank's nostrails visit the eiffel tower.

A forty foot ass. The show we didn't get to see, Jubilee.

One step closer to actually getting in the pool.

There you go. In the pool fools.

Tod and Tim and crew.

Mike, Matt and August catching rays.

P.O.B., margarita and my finger.

Mike and Harold bask in sin city.

S.D. Godfathers having a business meeting. Bob, Tim and Sam.

Pete and the coveted chalice. Hey it's empty! What's up with that!?

Busy thinking hard or busy hardly thinking. The latter I assume.

Pete, Chris, Tom and Greg at Battista's Hole in the Wall.

Mike on the video poker and Brian.

Joe, Pete and Winter blushing hard.

Will, Dave and Sam getting ready

Battista's was a great choice. Authentic, warm and fun.

Thad, Dirty and Fred rolled in just in time for the eats and good times.

PX, DT, TS. Lighten up Swank!

Kennedy and Tom prepare for the business.

Justin, Sean and August getting cccrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy.

Joe and Dave about to down to business.

Arrrrgghhh ye matey. Matt and Tim.

This little guy came over and played a ballad for Pete that took like 10 seconds if that. Then got tipped like twenty bucks.

Fred is the man with the plan.

Another, another, limo ride on our way to the big poker game.

The master of ceremonies, Mr. Reichert and a group of geniuses working on the radio.

Arrival at the Golden Nugget ready to loose some cash!

The game is on. Dave, with unlit smoke, ponder his next bluff.

Brian, Steve, Kevin, dealer, August and Sean.

Down to Steve, Brian, Dave and Mike.

Top three in the money, Brian, Dave and Mike.

Dave and Mike. Mike and Dave.

Trying to pull the bluff.

Mike went all in but Dave had the best hand. Game over with Dave winning it. Show me the money.

Capping off over at the eternal twilight of the Paris casino. Sam and Greg.

August and Gariss saying signing off from thew wonderful Las Vegas. Over and out.

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