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Washer Chunkin' Championship 2004

This was the 4th annual event hosted by Matt and Patti Reese and produced by them as well as a whole slew of friends.Entry into the competition is 15$. Players compete on a head to head basis with each other leading to one champion who gets the cash. A portion of the entry cash as well donations fund the BBQ for everyone attending in which Dave Lively, Matt and others prepare and cook. It's a meat lovers paradise. There was a impressive turnout with some competing, some not. No matter, it was a warm sunny day with friends and refreshments.

So what the hell is "chunkers"? It's a game, duh! Two small wooden boxes with three holes in each just a little larger than the 3" metal washers you toss to gain points reaching 21 before your oppenent does. There are all kinds rules and shit that you try and use to your advantage to take the enemy down. Head to head is where you play until you loose twice. The first time you lose a game you go to the losers bracket and play other losers in hopes of becoming a winner so you can play other winners and hopefully become the ultimate winner. But if you lose again then you are a total loser and have no recourse for ever being a winner again, at least on this day (though you could try you luck at side bets in which you could possibly become a winner or even more of a worthless loser). Personally I was a total loser after my third game. I lost to a kid named Tristan (he was sober) and a girl named Kim (she is a girl) who know. I did beat some guy my first game named Johnny that I did not know. My glee was short lived.

Matt and Patty’s back yard is pretty awesome and perfect for entertaining. The entire back yard slopes down over 100 feet from the back of the house. All noise gets directed away towards University Blvd where is disapates. Jr., Tim Maze and Sam Chammas took advantage of this neighbor appeasing situation to handle DJ responsibilities, Kick Out the Jams Motherfucker! There is a long stairway descending into the yard that quite daunting after a couple of sodas. There are some paths and a couple flat areas the biggest being at the bottom where the Chunker Championships are hosted. Midway down is another sizable area where Matt and his cronies have been erected a full size bar and patio BBQ zone. This is an on going project. Last year the bar was just a deck. This year it has a roof, walls, bar and decorations. Damn awesome. Great job Matt and crew.

I had to leave before the final game due to being beat from the night before hanging out with old San Jose friends Reeps and Matty. The next day I caught wind that Mr. Kevin Furtardo captured the Championship…for the second year in a row! People are going to be out for his neck next year. I didn’t hear whether Chad lost another $1K side bet again this year.

Over and outs.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

What the crap is washer chunkin?!?

Overview of the Reese Manor expansive entertainment center.

Master of cerimonies. Matt Reese inside his castle.

Renee managed all the holigans and keep the games in order.

Chef Lively in that new reality TV show, Let's BBQ.

Three hot babes, Maria, newborn Alita, and Ingrid. Check out the lurkers Beechum and back farther, Mitch.

Doug, Max and Joel discuss beer stratgies.

I was taking a pic of the bar and Nathan and his friends thought I was taking a pic of them. Ha, ha.

Beagle and Rick getting down to business. Show me the money.

Jim and Sam chunkin. Note the mid air chunk. Nice shades Jim.

Tara, Reyna and Greg. Hey that kid ain't 21 get her outta here!

The Casbahs's Bob and Ben are just fine, just fine, just fine.

Rick and Jeff discuss beer strategies.

Robin, Matt and Dave discussing Dave's supreme cooking.

Bob tending the corn and beans. Where's the beef?

Dave and the Chief make more vegis. Where is that beef?

Chunkers going at it. Kim on the left there kicked my ass and made me a total loser.

Heath stage one, everything is just fine. The game is going fine.

Heath stage two, aaarrrrggggghhhh!

Last years large side betters, Chad and Beagle, take it to the chunks.

Patty, Renee, Tara. Two mothers and a mother to be. Happy Mothers Day!

Lee and Henry. I will not make any witty comments about them because they will kick my ass.

Ryan Foxe came by to show everyone his new body modifications. See note.

Fifty four staples. Ouch! Bombing a hill on a skateboard and took a dump. Get better Ryan.

Sue and Max and the bun in the oven baking in that afternoon sun.

Is that the line for the food or for the drinks? Getting crowded at the bar.

The babes and the babies. Tara, Reyna, Audrey and Peggy.

Cane and his daughter waiting for the chompers.

Matt and the chicken. I ask again, where's the beef?

Amy, Ann and Rick ham it up for the camera. Well it was a good effort.

Mike, Josh and Joel discussing beer strategy.

Peggy, Sam, Audrey and Lloyd discuss baby poo.

Show me the money. Marc and Mike with food donations. Where's Loomis?

Matt and Beagle either disputing the game or the drunk skateboarders.

Second year in the row champion chunker, Kevin Furtado, early on in the game. Note the chunks chunking.

This is the last shot I have. Twilight chunkers.

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