Captain Kickback

New Years 2004 Blow Out Bonanza

After party rager! Kind of. A few us brought in the new year at a rare after party at the El Diablo Bar. Pete proposed the next day to Kim.

Good times.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

The red light district.

Ciria, Kym, Felicia and Nicole throwing horns.

Ciria and Dan, thought it wasn't.

Kym and Nicole raging!

Paul either dealing with a shot or squeaking out a fwaap.

Nicole and the big T, not sure what the haps are here.

Every time Pete gets his hands on my camera this is what I get.

Whoa I'm not feeling so hot.

Bring me a bucket!

they don't call him "Party Pete" for nothing!

Pete needs a bucket too.

Little does Kym know but Pete will be....

popping the big question on this new day of the new year. Over and out.

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