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Valley of the Moon Biznitch!

Finally, we escape the clutches the daily routine and head out to the infamous "Valley of the Moon". Only a mere 1:20 from SD proper and skirting the American/Mexican border at the 8 freeways closest point to it. VOTM is great because it's close and a one or two night trip is no problemo and refreshing. Kevin, Jacquie and Frederick rolled in early Friday afternoon. They had never been to VOTM and while you can camp just about anywhere there is the "spot". Pete rolled in with Kim and the kids and let them know they set up a few hundred feet mislocation. A quick readjustment fixed that. Nicole, myself, Mike, Lisa and Star arrived at Sunset. Nicole and I got a little lost and ended up at the radio towers. From "what I remember(!)" you stay to the right all the way in. I was wrong, you hang the first left at the first opportunity after you get over the mountain. You can either take the next left or stay on that same road until you reach the base of the mine hill. That's pretty much the end of the road. The road continues to the top of the mine hill but we camp just before that on the left side of the road at the base of a large rock hill. There is a pretty big cavern there that you can build a fire in and hang out. That is "the Spot".

It was windy and chilly, brrrrr. We all set up, ate some food and sat around the fire. The action picked up when Nicole, Lisa, Frederick, Mike and myself went for a late night hike. It was half a full moon so flash lights were not needed. The terrain out there is rocky, giant, boulders. Some boulders are as big as ten story buildings. There a couple “smugglers caves” out here that you try and find. Caves that illegals use to hole up while crossing over. It’s not uncommon at all to see the Border Patrol cruising out here. It started getting really windy and this odd fog rolled in and it was really erie. We went to where the tree wire barbed wire fence was closest to the dirt road and we all took a trip to Mexico to celebrate. Arrriiibbbaaa. Back at camp we built a fire in the cave and closed the night down with boisterousity and shots of good tequila.

Saturday brought Lisa, Rudy, Nadia, a couple of Rudy’s friends, Alex and Pandora and their kids as Gariss, Patricia, Lively and his friend. Oh and Cheryl and Laura also. We had a full crew if anything. We spent the day riding ATVs, climbing around, eating, talking and shit. The crew took a hike up to the mine for a looksie. I drove up in the D90 for the fun of it. It’s a 4WD trail for sure and a little tricky but an amateur driver like myself but a good time all the way. We all went into the mine and hung out. There was a beam of light coming from a hole in the ceiling that was pretty cool. Back at camp we lounged around. As night fell we did the food thing. A second moonlight hike went out to explore and Pete and Mike and couple others went up to the smugglers cave at the top of a huge, huge boulder. Alas, I was asleep raging in my dreams.

On Sunday everyone packed it up and grabbed all the trash to haul out, of course. The road up the hill on the way out is pretty rough. Two wheel drives can do it but it may take a few tries and you can definitely expect to scrap bottom. Everyone made it up and it was fun to watch putting their cars and driving skills to the test.

Great times. If you have never been, you should.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

D90 reins over Valley of the Moon.

There's the camp down there. See it!

Ah there it is. This is the view from the mine looking north east.

Ok, who brought the kids!

Nadia and Skyler getting wacky.

Nicole hanging out on the rock.

Pete and Marc rocking out. Ha.

Frederick "Darth" prepares to attack camp.

Hell on wheels, Kevin and Marc getting all Knievel on us.

In the mine some biblical shit going on. No desrespect intended, yo!

Look at that, there's a couple of angels.

This is the road going out from camp. You can see a couple of vehicles making way.

Mike Kennedy kicking up some dust on the way out.

The Honda Element made it no problemo.

Looking back in towards camp. X marks the spot biatch.

This is coming over the hill looking down at the 8 freeway and Inkopah. Over and out.

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