Captain Kickback

Wedding Highlights

Good times. Enjoy the photos.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

Lots of weddings this past year, and still happening. Overview at Greg and Tara's event.

Tod and Nicole prepared.

Bernie and Robin came out from AZ.

Greg and Tara take thier vows. Note the photographer with her flash behind teh corner of building. Ha.

Greg, Tara and Scott who is the preacher man.

Speech! Speech! G and T tell it like it is.

The newlyweds with the first dance.

Dave slides into the photo with the girls.

Girls getting loose sans Mr. Lively.

Bernie and Tara and some clown in the back.

Vucko stays sober in a blur of drunks. After party at Madarin Coast.

Michelle and a nodding Dave. Until next time. Outy 5000.

Cidia and Dan tie the knot this July of 2004. Adrianne performed the ceremony excellently as Higgins grins as best man.

The hired wedding photog gets in my way damnit!

Cidia, Dan make a run for it after Adrianne gives them the word of matrimony.

Gaining speed...

Choo, choo, chuga, chuga. Bring on the celebration!

This the "wedding lady" business is booming for her while Gariss makes a move for some action.

Me taking a picture of the wedding photogs taking pictures of us while we toast the occassion.

Darkman Thaddeus Robles.

Great picture of Josh and Missy.

And the party rocked on well into the evening. Thanks Cidia and Dan for a great time. Note: My finger at the top of pic. Whoops.

Man, Jonas, his tux and his beer, I mean my beer.

Jonas and Pete, secret agent men.

Carrie and Kym and the hot rod limo.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Reichert. Time to p-a-r-t-y!

It was a packed house. I mean church.

The Abby dinner overview.

Nicole and Gina enjoying the festivities.

Seventies rock action on the dance floor.

Nicole and Star hanging out....oh and Dave.

The newlyweds and friends wrap it up at the Mandarin House.

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