Captain Kickback

Winter at Fat Mans Crack

Ok, well, while we were out in the Borrego desert at Fat Mans Crack in a swealtering 110 plus heat celebrating our friend, Greg Winter's, bachelor party the girls were back in San Diego sitting around the pool in beautiful weather knocking back margaritas and sangria. What's wrong with this picture? No strip joints in the desert of course!

Scott and Joe provided the photos. We are missing pictures of everyone and our night excursion but you get the idea. Sorry for the delay on posting. Costa Rica trip is next (within the next year!?!)


Click the photos to see bigger versions.

The crew at the old haunted house.

Canyon Sin Nombre is the turn off from the highway. Canyon without a name.

Mr. Mike Kennedy, "I know a good strip joint a couple clicks away."

Greg Winter with the sacred chalice of something or other...

Sam Chammas, a Fat Mans Crack virgin, getting ready to get down.

"You want a beer, I gots the beer," Chris.

Eating, drinking, smoking was a requirement.

Swank con huevos,

Pete tends to important business. Don't get shit on your shoe!

Overview of camp. Out that way is the wash. Back the other way is the trail up the crack.

P.O.B and the glare of death.

Bedroom under the stars.

Climbing excursion. It was fun to throw rocks at these guys when they were climbing.

At the top now throwing rocks down on us. Ouch!

Here we are sitting by the pool chugging beers.

Driving excursion. That's Pete's truck that used to be Joe's truck but it was white. Hmm.

Eating Pete's dust.

Making way through the treacherous, unexplored regions. Tread lightly!

The Defender failed to scale this hill. It was my tires, bald. Could have done it easy.

Pete didn't make it up either. He takes another trail.

We found this secret shanty. No strippers here.

No beers here either. What the hell!?!

Scott, pictured, and Joe took most all the photos this trip. Thanks manx.

The carvnivors prepare their flesh. Pete and Scott go at it.

August and Chef Lively discuss olive oil, cajun spices and cooking temperatures. Aiiiieeeee!

At the haunted cabin Greg goes promptly to bed.

Greg and Joe drink Michelob Ultra too. Joe trys to rip the can open with his teeth.

So Sam went and took a walk and ended up falling asleep just laying on the ground. Greg found him by Sam' snoring. Greg thought is was a animal and it is!

Kevin slept in his chair and found the strip joint! (See magazines)

Of course, someone had to break down and of course Greg had to fix it. Never fails!

Long time friends, Scott and Greg, revel in the moment of manhood. Congratulations to Greg and Tara!

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