Captain Kickback

S.D. Harbor Excursion

A random impromptu Saturday harbor excursion was masterminded by Captain Furtado himself. Along for the ride was 1st mate, August Benizian and cabin boy, Matt Barker. I was there on special assignment as coordinator of strategic positioning. I have to thank my counterparts from rousting me from pressing paperwork and being patient to my delayed arrival. Unfortunately, the traffic was unbearable in transversing to the secret launch site.

We departed from the Coronado facility promptly at 3:00 and headed south along the east side of the bay checking out the drydocks and ship yards. Naval security was on full alert and expectedly hawked us as we drove down the bay. We passed into what once was a boat grave yard. Free mooring here propagated this area with countless abandoned half sunken boats as well the famous floating castle. A party vessel from a local strip joint. This area is now cleaned up with only working boats. Still worth the cruise through. We made our way north checking out the Coronado bridge from below, on to the view the convention center and then headed towards the bay's opening to the pacific ocean.

We checked out the naval submarines with out getting too close and then parked for a spectacular view of San Diego. As we headed back we had some overheating problems but no biggie. There was this huge tug boat pulling a massive freighter thingie. It was putting some huge wakes in which we just skirted getting totally swamped. The excursion came to a close with no fatalities. All in all a good Saturday adventure that all should experience. Seaforth boat rental is located in Coronado and Mission Bay. They rent all different kinds of crafts.

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Beautiful San Diego city scape from das boat.

Captain Furtado and Barkerwitz. Hello, the boats going that-a-way!

August ready, steady, go.

Swank brought the bread to this party. What a animal.

Yea, wahoo, faster. This is where I almost fell in the drink.

Who sunk my battle ship!?! There were no sunken ships here.

Oh no, the sea began to rear its ugly side to us.


The crew with S.D. skyline in the back.

Hey baby you come here often?

Barker. It's a bird, it's a plane. No it's a seagul. Yea, that's a bird.

Nice hat Captain Furtardo. Bombs away!

Come 'ere little birdie. August got savagedly attacked right after this.

Shaka piss over the side of das boat.

August conquers S.D.

Hey check that shit out.

Da plane, da plane. Here comes my Fedex package.

Another successful mission. Over and out.

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